I was appointed as Commissioning Manager for completion of commissioning works related to RAFA1 MSFE 45 million gallons per day (MIGD) Desalination Water Treatment and Power Generation

  • I have led a team of multidisciplinary engineers and technicians reporting to the client and PB
    Project Manager on a daily basis of all aspects of plant commissioning activities.
  • As a commissioning manager, my role predominately involved liaison with Qatar Electricity and
    Water Authority (Kahram’a) on all aspects of energization of power transformers, energy
    metering, and energization of HV/MV/LV systems.
  • Ensure the commission and testing of the MSFEs are being completed on time to meet the high
    water demand and quality specifications.
  • I have reviewed and signed-off Contractor’s RFC documents on behalf of the client, reliability
    and performance tests results. Later, I was appointed to evaluate and monitor the plant
    performance and efficiency post-handover, including identifying and issuing warranty claim
    requests, follow up with the Contractor and Client on major plant defects.
  • I provided technical advice to QEWC on technical issues related to energy and water metering,
    SCADA interfacing, plant performance and the declaration of capacity and availability through
    the period after the TOC.
  • My role was pivotal in preparation of legal documents for legal arbitration before the ICC
    including provision of contractual and commercial opinion on issues related to the EPC Contract
    and attending the court hearing representing the Owner’s Engineer.