My capabilities in energy strategy and planning span the entire power chain from generation to end-use for assisting utility companies or developers to prepare strategies and future plans of upgrading or extension of the existing T&Dinfrastructure to accommodate new generation. I have extensive experience in analyzing transmission deliver ability, with emphasis on system reliability and grid modernization including analysis studies to identify reliable generation interconnection with emphasis on technical and economic analysis.

Services I offer:

  • Strategic energy plans
  • Policy analyses
  • Advice on electricity legislation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project proposals
  • Generation Interconnection Impact Studies
  • Model Development
  • Grid Planning Studies
  • Grid Operation Studies
  • Wholesale Power Supply Contracts
  • Transmission Deliver ability Analysis
  • Technical and non-technical losses
  • Expert Witness Provision
  • Grid Code Development
  • Strategic Energy Planning
  • Grid Integration
  • Regulator Policy Analysis