• Economic and technical evaluation of utility and IWPP projects.
  • Project Management including project initiation and feasibility study, planning, permitting, cost estimating, due diligence, FEED, detailed engineering, equipment and construction specifications, tendering, and bid analysis.
  • Contract management, tender document preparations, technical specifications, tender evaluation, client and contractor interfacing, contract negotiation.
  • Project scheduling, procurement, document control, construction and service contracts negotiation, field construction management.
  • Electricity reform and policies, forecasting, deregulation, Public-Private Partnership and IWPP in post-conflict states.
  • Design, construction, start-up and operation of renewables, gas and oil-fired boilers, cogeneration, CCGTs, Coal Fired and geothermal power plants.
  • Field engineering for power plant and heavy industrial construction, commissioning, inspection and start-up of CCGTs (Siemens V94.3 and V84.2, GE Frame 9F and 6F, LN6000, Alstom GT26), thermal power plants, and SW desalination plant.
  • Evaluation of power plant performance monitoring systems, energy metering, EMS, FDM and billing systems.