I was appointed as lead consultant to provide technical assistance for the client in preparation of the
Master Plan for the rehabilitation and expansion of the electricity distribution networks for two
cities in Angola, and conduct pre-feasibility study for two IPP mini-hydroelectric stations.

My role included:

  • Preparation the economic and technical documents for pre-feasibility study on issues related to
    economic growth, electricity demand for the two sites at Kaquima and Chafinda.
  • Perform analysis that entails the development of one or more, if appropriate, conceptual
    options for each hydropower project installation, specifying equipment and configuration,
    capacity and output estimates, as well as projected costs for the two sites.
  • Provide assistance to USTDA on commercial evaluation of the bids received for the development
    of the project including drafting of requests for proposals and related schedules.
  • Asses and diagnose the state of existing distribution infrastructure for the two cities (Cuchi and
  • Conduct information collection to undertake a study on projected energy consumption over the
    next 20 years.
  • Conduct information data and make observations of the sites, and determine possible corridor
    for the transmission line to deliver power from the sites to the local mini-grid.