I was appointed as Project Manager to provide engineering and project management support for
USAID Afghanistan’s Afghanistan Engineering Support Program (AESP)/Office of Infrastructure,
Engineering and Energy (OIEE).

  • Involved on behalf of USAID AESP/OIEE in negotiations for identification, scrutinizing and
    prequalifying IPP to enter the Afghan market, appraising potential power projects, developing
    the procurement, tender and award procedures.
  • prepare and review IPP contract conditions and MFS documents; provide economic evaluations
    of projects’ capex and opex estimation;
  • evaluation and due diligence of the existing facilities and infrastructures for rehabilitation and
    new installation;
  • Develop capacity building for local engineers by enhancing opportunities to serve on several
    projects including installation of new 220kV substation near Salang tunnel,
  • Evaluation and upgrading of the electricity distribution system for the city of Kabul and
    installation of distribution network for Hesar-e-Shani Industrial Park.
  • Development of working procedures for high voltage planning interconnection between south
    and north transmission network.
  • Represent USAID on the tender committees for generation and transmission projects.
  • Asset valuation of Kabul electricity distribution utility network service provider assets on behalf
    of the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS).
  • DABS generation corporation’s assets for regulatory purposes and in preparation for the sale of
    certain assets in the Afghanistan.
  • Project management of the design of Salang tunnel 66/11kV substations along with USACE.
  • Economic rationalization of the overhead transmission and distribution lines for Hesar-e-Shani
    Industrial Park.