The key objectives of my role are:

  • Advice client on matters related to IWPP technical agreements including compliance to
    Minimum Functional Specifications.
  • Act as the focal point for client (MEW) on the provision of advice and guidance about the ECWPA
    technical issues for the existing and future IWPP projects
  • Advise MEW on the management and control of contractual matters arising under the ECWPA
    due to plant performance, fuel demand and efficiency.
  • Acting as a guide and adviser to and direct the local technical staff.
  • Assisting MEW in the receipt, evaluation, adjudication and approval of the monthly invoices and
    any other invoices submitted by an IWPP
  • Assisting in the drafting of feasibility studies, requests for proposals and related schedules
    required to support the development of further IWPP projects
  • Participate in and lead the technical evaluation of new bids received for the development of
    future IWPP projects.


Projects involved:

  • AzZour North Phase 1 IWPP (1500 MW, 107 MIGD)
  • AzZour North Phase 2 & 3 IWPP (2,700 MW, 165 MIGD)
  • Shagaya Renewable Park Phase 3 (1200 MW PV, 200 MW Wind, 200 MW CSP)