I am a PMP certified, independent Chartered Engineer (CEng.) with more than 30 years of experiencein large-scale power and water utility and IWPP projects in developing countries, including SE Asia andMENA in addition to New Zealand and Australia. After completion of his study at the University ofTechnology, Baghdad in 1983, I worked for several firms in MENA regions before settling in NewZealand in 1991. During my professional career in New Zealand and overseas, I was involved in morethan 40 large to mid-scale projects with hands-on experience in feasibility studies, project’s economicevaluation, design, installation, and commissioning of power generation, transmission, distributionnetworks and most recently seawater desalination. He worked for major international engineeringconsultancy firms including Parsons Brinckerhoff, AECOM, Power Engineers Inc at different capacities.He was also appointed by many international organizations including the World Bank, USAID andUSTDA to work on several development projects in Asia and Africa.

My research interests include energy economics, policies and reform in post-conflict states, mostspecifically Iraq. During the last several years, as a senior fellow of Iraq Energy Institute, I wasadvocating for reforming the electricity sector in Iraq and introducing PPP as a way to resolve thecountry’s power shortage. I was interviewed by many media outlets including AFP. I have severalpublished op-eds, peer review articles, and conference papers published in international journals andmagazines including Brookings Institute, Power Engineering International and the Electricity Journal.